Wyoming Street Wine Stop uses artisian chabatta bread for our Panini's. Paninis are all about the cheese.
We use special jellies, preserves, spreads and Pesto's that provide a flavor boost to enhance our select cheeses.
Brie, Pepper Jack, Baby Swiss, Provolone, and our Itialian 5-blend cheese are the choice cheeses used to create these flavorful masterpieces. 

Hawaiian Panini
Pineapple jalapeno jelly and Brie cheese are the stars of this Panini. Then we add the ham topped with grilled onions and pineapple, then we grill it all on chabatta bread to melty perfection.

Adam & Eve
Fig preserves and Brie cheese melted together with ham, topped with Arugula and Chardonny Dijon mustard.

Veggie Panini
Flavorful basil pesto and marinara blended  with our Itialin 5-Blend cheese and provalone, topped with your choice of fresh vegetables. Grilled to perfection. Ask for grilled veggies to add a special flavor blend.

Pizza Panini
Marinara and our Itialin 5-blend cheese topped with Pepperoni, Itailian sausage, or ham. Then top with your favorite veggies. Grilled to perfection. 

Ham & Cheese Panini 
our choice of Pepper Jack, Baby Swiss or Provalone cheese topped with Ham and choice of vegetables. Paired with our house made garlic mayo.

Pesto Chicken Panini
Oven roasted chicken breast, Basil Pesto and Provolone cheese, topped with roasted red peppers, red onion , and spinach.

Chicken & Bacon Panini
Oven roasted chicken breast, crispy apple wood bacon and Swiss cheese. Serve with garlic mayo, red onion, and spinach